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Morford / Burton / Grimes / DeVoe / Thompson / Robinson
Daviess County Missouri
Red Willow County Nebraska

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Important names to me:
Morford, DeVoe, Burton, Robinson, Thompson, Grimes, Hobbs, Cox, Rader, Boltz,   Davis,Wertz, Casement, Rhodes


I am looking for any information regarding my great-grandfather Andrew Jackson Morford, aka AJ Morford and Jack Morford, b: Jan-1864 in Illinios, d: 31-Mar-1933 at State Hospital #2, St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO.  I was able to get this picture on the right from the State Hospital. 

Although I have many more names than the following, these are the family members from the Gallatin, MO and Lebanon, NE areas that I am interested in:

Daviess County, Missouri (click here to go to Daviess Links)
Morford, Burton, Grimes, Hobbs, Cox, Rader, Boltz, Roney, Paxton, Wertz, Lile, Stokesberry, Davis, Lewis, Bishop.

Red Willow County, Nebraska (click here to go to Red Willow Links)
DeVoe, Casement, Rhodes, Robinson, Abbott, Corbett, Salee, Morgan
Also a narrative by George A. Woodruff on the battle of Brice’s Cross Roads


Andrew Jackson Morford

Daviess County Missouri Marriage Records

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