Randy Makes His Dream Car
1934 3 Window Coupe

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This is a Poloroid of me sitting on a box while holding an old
steering wheel.  The hood is held up in the front by a cut
down broom stick.  I remember this day so clearly.
My car was real, now.

I had spent about two years working on the frame and
this was the first time the body had sat on a rolling
chassis since I had owned it.

The sheet metal had been fairly well protected from the elements
and was in excellent shape.  I borrowed the tires from
a fellow motorhead.  Later, while installing the hardware
for the rumble seat, I drilled right through the sidewall.
I didn't tell my friend until he sold the only car these fit
and he no longer needed them!

My son, Steve, helping clean what would become the rumble
seat area.  Take a close look at the drip rails.  They've
been cut off midway, probably to allow a truck bed to be slid in.
Steve would be a young man before I would finish
the car.  Because the car is easy to drive, I taught both
my kids to drive stick shifts in this car.

Another shot of a future motorhead.

I am one happy (and skinny) guy here.

Now take a look at how I built the frame...

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