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Fiji Information

Check out the Marlin Bay Resort web page!

Average Temperatures for Fiji

 Jan: 79F  Apr: 77F  July: 72F  Oct: 75F
 Feb: 79F  May: 75F  Aug: 72F  Nov: 76F
 Mar: 79 F  June: 74F  Sept: 73F  Dec: 77F

Diver's Insurance - Check out rates for DAN and PADI

Fiji Links

Weather in Fiji
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Fiji Scuba Diving Page

Economic and Political Overview


Air Pacific

Not much info here but they do list baggage limits.

WORLD ELECTRIC GUIDE  World Electric Guide link to Fiji
CIA World Fact Book on Fiji
travlang's Exchange Rates between
United States Dollars and Fiji Dollars
Local Times Around the World The current time in Fiji

Marlin Bay - Fiji, Part 1: The Resort
Marlin Bay - Fiji, Part 2: The Diving

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