Units Associated with Steve's 2nd CEB

The First Marines Expeditionary Force based out of Camp Pendelton is responsible for operations in the Middle East.  Certain portions of the 2nd MEF based at Camp Lejuene were  sent to the Middle East to augment the 1st MEF.  Below is a table of those 2nd MEF units sent to Kuwait and Iraq.  Steve's unit is highlighted in red.
  First US Marines Expeditionary Force (60000 troops)
    1st US Marines Division
      2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (7500 troops)
        Task Force Tarawa
        1st Battalion, 2nd Marines Brigade
        3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines Brigade
        2nd Battalion, 8th Marines Brigade
        Elements 1st Battalion, 10th Marines
        Elements 2nd Amphibious Assault Battalion
        2nd Combat Engineer Battalion
        2nd Recon Battalion
        2nd Light Armored Recon Battalion
        2nd Tank Battalion[60 M1A1]
        8th Tank Battalion[60 M1A1]

For a complete listing, click here 

Research from our friend Luka:

It would seem that 2nd CEB is or has traditionally been attached to the 2nd Battalion 8th Marines Brigade (see global security ) which appears to be borne out by the link above. It is probably just conjecture, but if so, it is possible that he has been a pretty busy guy recently and hardly bored given 2nd CEB's mission statement and where the 2nd Battalion 8th Marines have been on the other side of the Euphrates River most recently at Nasiriyah.

To see some pictures of the 2nd Battalion 8th Marines click here and review slide show from March 26 (check out the first picture... is that Steve in the HumVee?) and the April 4th slide show.