Randy Makes His Dream Car
1934 3 Window Coupe


This was one of the most technically challenging, and enjoyable
tasks I performed.  A friend had hooked me up with a '64
Corvette rear end.  It was a steal at $125.  By the time
I had replaced one half shaft and had the thing rebuilt,
I would have been far better off buying a Ford 9". This
picture shows how how I setup the center line on the
frame and how I used the jigs to setup initial toe-in.
I elected to use the stock cross member and weld in
a 3/8" plate at the proper angle to mount the center section.

Here is the completed frame.  I boxed it all the
way back and replaced the front cross member.
The center cross member was removed and
replaced with a bolt in section.  I welded in the
four-bar mounts and engine mounts, along
with the Vega box mount.  Note the front shock
mounts.  I would find out when I delivered the
body and frame to the body shop that those
welded in mounts are for fenderless roadsters.
How was I to know that the fender needed
to bolt on right there.
I purchased the stock 1934 frame at the Pomona swap meet.  I soon realized that although square
(at least to the accuracy I could measure), the rail sides were a bit wavy.  This made making measurements
pretty tough when I was installing the rear end and front suspension.  So measured as closely as I could
and clamped down some bar stock.  That bar stock stayed there until the frame work was completed.

Sand blasting and chopping....