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My primary hobby is cars.  Although I have built and modified several, my pride and joy is my 1934 Ford 3 window coupe, built to resemble a hotrod from the 50s.  This was a ground up project that took about 20 years from the time my brother and I acquired the car until it was completed.  It took about 7 years of actual construction.  The car features a stepped on 1947 Ford Flathead, all steal body, original boxed frame with Corvette rear and dropped I-beam front axel.

My next major project will be the ground up rebuilding of my 1950 Ford Woody station wagon.  Plans call for all modern drive train and interior while keeping the "surf mobile" look of the 60s.  Until I can get to that I spend my car time working on 1962 Ranchero that my dad purchased new.

My second love is scuba diving.  Although most of my dives have taken place in Laguna Beach and Catalina in southern California, I have also had the good fortune of making multiple dive trips to Hawaii and Cozumel. In February 2003 I again traveled to Cozumel and in November 2002 I went on a dive vacation to Marlin Bay Resort on the island of Beqa in FijiYou can view pictures of many of my dive trips on these pages.

Genealogy consumes any time I have left.  My main family names are Morford, DeVoe, Burton, Grimes, Robinson and Thompson but my gedcom files include many more.  The locations I am interested in are mainly the city of Lebanon in Red Willow county, Nebraska and the city of Gallatin in Daviess county, Missouri.  I am looking for more information on my great-grandfather Andrew Jackson Morford, aka AJ Morford and Jack Morford but I am also looking for any information on Elmore DeVoe.


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